Selecting the right hardwood for your home is an important choice that will affect your home’s value, comfort, appearance and flooring durability. Whether you’ve got a plank width in mind or a particular color, Sun Flooring has the comprehensive selection available to fit your needs. Our seasoned flooring professionals have answers to all your questions regarding: species hardness, ideal plank thickness for your living space, fade resistant finishes and more.


Natural Maple 

 Cinder Maple
Natural Cherry
Sapling Hickory


Considering hardwood for your home?

As you begin your search for the perfect hardwood, here are a few helpful product considerations:



Would you like to go with solid hardwood construction? Or engineered? Both have their benefits. In our Gulf Coast region, engineered wood is an excellent choice because of our high moisture levels.



Each wood species offers its own unique set of attributes, including hardness, color and photosensitivity. Choose from traditional oaks or domestic exotics to achieve the look and benefits you want for your home. We carry a wide selection of hardwoods including walnut, cherry, maple, hickory and ash – to name a few. Samples available in store.


Plank Details

Like plank color, plank width can affect the final look of your room. For this reason, we offer a variety of colors, glosses and widths. You’ll find a comprehensive inventory of light, dark, wide and narrow plank options, so that you can create the custom look and texture you envision for your home.


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