Sun Flooring works with the leading tile brands to bring you the highest quality goods for both residential and commercial flooring projects. Our high end assortment of tile options are finished beautifully and built to last. We carry LVT (luxury vinyl tile), glass, ceramic and porcelain tile in a rich variety of mediums. Come visit us today and browse our wide selection to find the right style for any design project.


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Considering tile for your home?

Here are a few of the most popular tile varieties:


LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

Luxury Vinyl Tile is becoming an increasingly popular product all over the globe. It blends the desirable flooring benefits of performance, durability and affordability.  With LVT, you get exceptional comfort, easy cleanability, water resistance, scratch resistance and all at a great price. Choose from a vast palette of colors and finishes to personalize your space. Once installed, it’s immediate ready for foot traffic– no mess, no hassle, no wait time.



Ceramic tiles are composed of thin clay slabs (or other inorganic material) that has been hardened through a firing processing and, finally, coated with a glaze. Ceramic is best known for its ability to withstand wear. In fact, to this day, we find in tact forms of ceramic tile at ancient ruins proving the material’s panache for durability. And for modern day convenience, it also happens to be easy to clean and resistant to bacterial growth.



Porcelain offers a high quality look with the benefit of durability. This tough material is long-lasting and resistant to both moisture and scratching. This makes porcelain tile an excellent choice for high traffic residential areas and commercial installations. Additionally, the manufacturing process for this particular tile product makes for a virtually unlimited set of design options.



Glass tiles create a stunning surface lending immediate polish and visual impact to any room. Whether you’d like to beautify your kitchen with a brilliant backsplash or your shower with an eye-catching design, we’ve got the necessary selection of cuts and colors to complete the project.

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