For over half a century, customers have relied on Sun Flooring for high quality carpet and professional installation. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless residential and commercial buyers to provide the right solutions at the right price. 


Everything we sell, we can also install. Sun Flooring is able to provide you complete and personalized service from project start to finish. Our professional and courteous sales team are highly qualified experts with more than 75 years in the flooring industry. Our goal is to exceed your service expectations and supply the quality product you deserve. We have thousands of styles to choose from. A few examples include:





Considering carpet for your home?

Here are a few benefits of carpet:


Breathe Easier

Despite common misconceptions, studies show that carpet’s ability to trap allergens (better than hardsurface floors) can actually reduce airborne particle counts, thus improving indoor air quality.


Save Energy

Of course, carpet feels warm and inviting to the touch. But as a natural insulator, it also provides additional warmth to your living space by increasing your R-value (or, insulation level). Cooler seasons are more comfortable with less energy expense.


Soften Slips & Falls

Carpet, with its cushioning layers, is an ideal choice for families with toddlers and older individuals. The soft surface serves as a safeguard against slips and falls.


Reduce Noise

Devices, entertainment and general day-to-day family living – creates noise, and sometimes lots of it. Carpet helps absorb these sounds and can act as a barrier between floors, masking foot traffic and the other sounds of life. Ask your Sun Flooring expert about our wide selection of carpet padding, which can further enhance your sound blocking benefits

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